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Festival Crest Jazz Vocal - Dauphiné Libéré, 8th August 1995
"What temperament that this inclassable music, of incredible modernity (...) It contains for you some little airs from popular balls. It is a music where jazz and java make friends, where there is an African party and salsa from the surburbs. (...) The warm sonorites of the brassy music with an omnipresent rhythmic section from where sometimes escapes the twinkling of a xylophone, the nostalgia of an accordion or the far back call of a saxophone. With a infinite tenderness where humour is never very far away, Étienne Roche directs his music with dynamic physical energy(...) The music knows what to say today. It has a force and an authenticity which pushes you to admiration. "

Jazz magazine - P.-H. Ardonceau - Déc. 1997
"Etienne Roche is a rabelaisian character... The music hits hard in every kind of music... It is an incredible melting pot where caribean music, hard-bop, operetta, pop-music, brass street bands and shattering free jazz jostle. Untruly simple melodies which immediately hook, the listener... Popular airs. Knowing riffs. Sensual violin . “

Festival des Fuites de Jazz - St-Gaudens - Dépêche du Midi, 17 Mai 1997.
"Crazy. Suprising. Generous. Inventive. Almost gluttonous. It is necessary to see the effort they are putting into their instruments as if
they are playing the last piece of their life. You must see how they are enjoying themselves to understand that the starting point of their quality is their complicity. Briefly, the Grotorkestre is phenomenal. "

Libération - Marco Jéru - Octobre 1999.
“No less than 30 musicians shining under the baton of Etienne Roche, forming together a mult-vitamined creature with multiple accents delivered in a deluge of incredible sounds.(...)Brass instruments are great conductors to circulate energy. (...) This phenomena para musical can be consummed in concert and without moderation.
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